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Yulima Toro was born in Cali, Colombia and arrived in the United States in 1997, like many that arrive in the United States, Yulima had many dreams and was sure that coming here was part of her destiny. The one thing she did know is that she had to dream big for the sake of her son Harold who at the time was only 4 years old.

It was only during the time working in the kitchen of some great places in Savannah like The Landing Club, Michys, 45 Bistro and the Ford Plantation Club and finally working alongside Chef Oscar Mejia who inspired her and helped her discover a hidden desire that she did not know she had, to share the flavors of her country Colombia and other Spanish flavors with others.

What really stood out with Chef Oscar Mejia is that he added a special touch to his cooking by adding touches of his Dominican background to the mostly American dishes that he prepared. That helped me realize that I needed to do the same with my Colombian roots and let others know my culture and share with them the foods that I would prepare for them. Having those thoughts in mind gave birth to Antojo Latino which when translated to English means Latin Craving.

It’s always been the American Dream to own and operate your own business and when you combine the desire and love she has for cooking it only made sense to open Antojo Latino. Now her goal is to train others to be able to duplicate her recipes and be able to share her foods with more people. And even the her roots are with Colombia she also prepares other foods from different Hispanic cultures so that those that have never experienced latin cooking can do so when they have that “Latin Craving”.